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CCNA Certification and Training Intro

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) Certification is one among the essential certifications from Cisco so that a networking skilled should ought to move ahead in his career. Similarly The CCNA certification coaching is currently in nice demand inside the IT business and over the recent years has become a worldwide customary for several prospering IT firms.

CCNA Certification Exam Requirements

You now have the option to take one or two exams for the CCNA certification. Both options cover the same material. The two-exam route has one exam (641-821) that covers networking basics and then a second exam (640-811) that covers more advanced topics. The single exam route covers all the subjects combined into one exam (640-801).

Cisco’s intention is for novices to networking to take the two-exam route and experienced administrators to take the single exam.

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It is this combination of reliable CCNA exam and CCNA course material that form the virtual CCNA bootcamps you have available here. The CCNA training is specialized CCNA training specifically for CCNA Professional. Cisco is the best choice for your CCNA exam preparation.

CCNA salary In India


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