Microsoft MCSA Certification 2019

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate 2016 (MSCA 2016) is a Professional course offered from Microsoft that is targeting audience which can be fresher’s looking for a career in IT or IT Professionals looking forward to enhance their skill set.
There are several places on the internet that will provide you with some MCSA Certification Training.

I personally wouldn’t recommend using this free training as the ONLY material you use to learn, but it’s good as an addition to supplement any other training you may have enrolled in.
Generally speaking, most free mcsa training resources will only offer snippets of the full training and not an entire course, so i do have to stress that if you are serious about gaining your certification that you consider finding a full course. 

Another option to consider is asking your employer to fund your training. If you currently work in the IT sector, or wish to be promoted into an IT job, it’s worth asking your current employer / company if they will either pay for your training entirely or at least fund part of the training. You’d be surprised how many companies will put you through the training at no cost to you, so it really is worth asking.

MCSA Boot Camp

An MCSA Boot camp is normally a fast track option to gaining your MCSA / MCSE certification. There are many boot camps to choose from and you can normally find a few companies from each major city running them. You’ll find some companies on this site advertising their boot camps, and also try searching google for MCSE Boot Camp + “city name here”.
When choosing which training course to opt for, there are 2 main factors to consider; Price and duration. Generally speaking, the quicker the boot camp is the more it costs. This is because you are generally subjected to a more intensive training regime, usually taking up most of the day.

There are boot camps out there that last only 7 days, and then you are ready for your exams… however i would only recommend these types of training courses to people who are highly motivated and already have some experience in a windows networking enviroment. 7 days is not long to cram all that information in !

Other boot camps can last from weeks to months, generally speaking these don’t cost as much, but you’ll also likely spend less time each day actually at the camp, giving you more time to revise what you learned that day at home.


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